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Our office is located in Crystal River, Florida.  We specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, adult attention deficit, post traumatic stress disorder and other mental illness.  Please navigate our site and learn more about our practice.  


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**We are currently only seeing patients for virtual tele-health appointments and not face to face in the office. Please use the Contact Us page to reach out if you are unsure about how to login virtually, need to set an appointment or need medication refills.
If you are scheduled to have a video tele-heath appointment then you will need to login to the appropriate website listed below.  You can login from your tablet, smart phone or computer. All you need is a camera and microphone access on your device. You do not need to create an account or download anything to your device in order to have access to these appointments. Once you login please click on the "Pre-call Test" button to verify your camera and microphone are working appropriately. Also your paperwork can be accessed before your appointment on the Contact Us page here on the website, you can fill it out the night before or the day of your appt.
You may be instructed at your visit to look at a handout or form we feel is appropriate for you. Those can be found at this link.


  • Wix Facebook page
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You can stay informed of updates here on our Website & follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Facebook page is managed by one of our therapists, Jacey, and has frequent updates on mindfulness and group.
Our Twitter account is updated by Dr. Grace himself.


Please contact your pharmacy directly for all refill requests. Allow up to 72 hours for processing. If any issues arise, please contact our office on the clinic line or by messaging on our Contact Us page for assistance before running out of medication.

Thank you!


Currently a virtual group online ONLY!

Mindfulness is one of the most effective treatments for helping to stabilize mood and address life stressors. Our staff offers a relaxing environment and a warm approach to introduce you to a new way of dealing with what life throws you!


We are offering mindfulness group for those interested in learning more about using these skills and receiving some extra support. The group is lead by one of our full time therapists, Jacey Laundree, LCSW. Any established patient is encouraged to call our office for more info; even better, come in to check it out! 

Currently - Thursday from 3-4 PM.

You can also follow our facebook page for updates on Mindfulness and group. Also check out this youtube video for an intro to our Mindfulness group with Jacey.


For the last several years, Dr. Grace has been developing a system to use Texas Hold 'Em Poker to help people learn to deal with negative emotions.  

In particular, domestic violence survivors struggle to manage emotions related to lying, manipulation, intimidation and the like. But in small doses these emotions are part of the game of poker and learning to play this game can help build these skills in a small controlled way.  For local help with a domestic violence situation visit the website for CASA -  Citrus County Abuse Shelter Organization, a private, non-profit organization with a mission to empower victims of domestic violence to become independent.

Listen to a radio interview with Dr. Grace describing Poker Psychotherapy


In an effort to bring more research to Citrus County, John W. Grace, M.D.,P.A. has begun working with Nature Coast Clinical Research to provide quality mental health research to our residents.  Research is an important part of progress.  Please visit Nature Coast Clinical Research at the site below to learn more.   

Dr. Grace's Books and Writings

Dr. Grace's Latest Book, "Where am I?" is now available through the link below.  This book explores how the spatial nature of emotion is responsible for our greatest problems as individuals and a species.  If you can learn how to answer, "Where am I?" most of the questions of your life become crystal clear.   

Dr. Grace recently was also interviewed regarding his book, The Importance of Being Average.

"At John W. Grace M.D., P.A. we strive to keep our patients comfort in mind by providing a relaxing and private setting.

Please navigate our site and learn about our treatments and staff."

~ Dr. John Grace

John W. Grace, M.D., P.A.

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If you are having serious thoughts of hurting yourself or others at this time and have developed either a plan or intent to do so you should go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.
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